To qualify: Call or e mail us and we will fax or e mail you a brief questionnaire about your business. send it back and we will have an answer in one hour. call 1 410 596-0439 or 1 800 813-2444 or our fax is 410 751-5978

tell us your volume of business, industry, type of customer/end user, if you have any present liens or loans, and a few more items of info.

a few other of our services:

we advance funds to Plaintiffs or Attorneys against their pending law suit (for ex; Personal injury, medical malpractice, slip and fall etc.. Fully non recourse. if the case fails you do not have to pay back funds.

Also we buy business notes; ex; you sell your Pizza shop and move to Florida and take back a seller financed Note. we will cash you out and buy the Note (if it qualifies)

we advance money to Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Realtors against their pending settlements.

we buy Annuities, Life Insurance Policies, Lottery winnings and many other Cash Flow Streams.

A few Benefits of Asset Based & Receivables Financing:

no borrowing, no interest, no monthly payments, no debt taken on by your Company, no personal guarantee required from principals,

No ceilings, no caps, slow credit OK, low net worth ok. some bad debt guarantee against your customer default; we monitor creditworthiness of your customer. receive money from us on day one of invoicing, not on day 30,60 or 90.

be able to take on larger contracts and orders without fear of cash flow needs. expand larger and faster than the Bank would allow. many more advantages too numerous to mention.

we also do "Purchase Order fulfillment financing" call for all details