We are a source of unlimited and immediate working capital for businesses, Nationwide, desiring to grow and expand. We serve the following industry types:

Manufacturing, Wholesale, Assemblers, Construction/Contractors, Sub Contractors, Trucking/Transportation, Service Companies, Exporters, Medical Professionals( and more).

WE also can approve Companies that have had one or more of the following problems:

low net worth, negative net worth, slow credit, Chapter 11, taken a loss, young in business.

We have 25 years of finance experience.

Some of our finance products/programs:

Contract Finance, Asset Based Finance, Factoring receivables, Purchase Order fulfillment financing, Commercial real estate financing, equipment lease finance.

Other Services:

Loans to businesses including retail against their average monthly credit card collections; need not be a "Bankable" credit client

also; Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing

Advances against pending lawsuits for Plaintiffs and Attorneys; Personal Injury, mal practice, slip and fall, civil rights violation, harrassment at work, unlawful termination, judgments on appeal advances;

also loans to Insurance Agents and Brokers against average owned book renewal revenue of yearly commissions

also the purchase of life insurance policies from Seniors higher than normal cash surrender value